Good Practice Award 2023

I am delighted and thrilled to announce that Salty Dog Emporium has been awarded the 2023 @lettoysbetoys Good Practice award for marketing and offering toys & products to boys and girls (both big and small) fairly, without gender stereotypes. Which in turn helps to encourage choices in play that reflects children’s interests and curiosities.

I am so delighted to receive this award from #lettoysbetoys who campaign against the toy & publishing industry who limit children’s interests by promoting products as only suitable for one gender.


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Simply Faster

We have transitioned our website to a brand new faster server providing our customers with a quicker search experience.


Enchanting Dragons

Watch out from above, the Green and Red Enchanted Dragon pair are swooping down..

This Green and Red Dragon pair are beautifully made with wonderful fabrics and attention to detail.

They are puppets, well big puppets with access into the head which provides excellent mouth movement!

(Height of 58 cm does not include tail.)

Suitable for children 12 months and over.

Playpress Playsets

We came across Playpress at one of the Toy shows we attend at the beginning of the year and immediately decided they needed a place here at Salty Dog Emporium.

ECO Product Information

So why did we think that, well this new company impressed us with the quality of their product, the ‘play-ability’ of the playsets and their approach to British built quality products, so we will let them introduce themselves in their own words:

Buildable play sets for ages 4-99 year olds.

Create a world of fun and stories with Playpress, a universe of buildable connectable play sets that are made sustainably without plastic. Our sets are designed for ages 4 and upwards, providing hours of construction fun and play.

They are made from our unique robust play board, a material that can stand up to demanding play but is also totally recyclable and biodegradable.

Toys designed for better play and a better future.

From how they are designed to the materials we use and where we make our play sets, we know every choice we make may have an impact on the world around us. We strive to make those impacts positive by making an engaging accessible universe of play sets that don’t harm our environment.

We love trees. They are beautiful. As the biggest plants on the planet, we realise that they are vital to the well being of our world. The board we use to make our sets comes from sustain-ably managed forests in Finland.

We want our toys to be fun to play with and to be as inclusive as possible, to enable kids to play with in any way they want. Playpress can help develop key motor skills and help with cognitive reasoning and creative play.

While our toys are designed to be played with and to be robust, we use materials that are fully recyclable and 100% biodegradable

We don’t want our toys to start out by having to travel 1000’s of miles after they are made. That’s why we make everything here in the UK.

Creative Gifts from Clockwork Soldier

We have been stocking gifts from Clockwork Soldier since September 2018 and they bring, popular, interesting paper activities to the older child up to ‘their reported’ 107 year old!Product Information

As Clockwork Soldier put it: ” Clockwork Soldier specialise in paper activities and craft kits aiming to provide fun and challenging projects as a welcome distraction from digital toys.

Our products are lovingly inspired by nostalgia with a fresh and creative take on gifts, games and curiosities that will amaze children and adults alike.

The ability to play is one of the best things you can do.
It is healthy, fun and brings people together.  Come and play with us”

A Wise choice with Little Wise toys

Little Wise Toys offers a range of award winning travel friendly and educational toys that make learning fun and easy for both children and adults looking to support their keen learners. 

Product Information

Each activity box is barely bigger than a book making them perfect travel games and travel toys. 

No screens, flashing lights or loud noises, yet plenty of old fashioned opportunities for fun, interaction, exploration and imagination.   

Little boxes offering big possibilities!  

Little Wise Educational Toys

Inspirational Felt Crowns

Product Information

These beautifully hand crafted felt crowns are suitable for 3 and over, and are perfect for letting children’s imaginations go wild, helping them to narrate their own stories, whilst building on their ideas and interactions with others. These colourful hand crafted imagination crowns are by Vanessa Jane Head wear.

There are six types available, Monkey, Unicorn, Snake, Ocean, Zebra and Butterfly. All designs are unique and all with elasticated back band.

These crowns are CE marked. Hand wash only.